Alternatif 68 tahun Indonesia Merdeka

Alternatif 68 tahun Indonesia Merdeka

I just bored with traditional illustration of my country independence day. So here’s the result.


Republic of Indonesia Jaeger

So, I recently watch the movie, Pacific Rim.

First impression was, it’s awesome.

Then escalate. The movie getting too much awesome.


Even I, got some kind of Nerd-Gasm. It was like, the the sound of scraping metal, uniquely, becoming my new age of violin harmony.

And I was like, what if the Jaeger also born in my country? Have the style, the character, the spirit of my country? So here they are. The Final four of my imaginary Jaeger, from my, country, my dearly beloved country. Indonesia.


This is Bramus Garuda. The first tough, I just want to create a Jaeger  that purely have Indonesia(in convensional ways) style. The color, the name and the logo, assembled in order to create the most formal Jaeger of Indonesia. The name, Bramus Garuda is the representation  of Indonesian National Symbol(Garuda Bird).



The Second Born, is Apkain Cartenz. The idea is to create the different version of Indonesia in convensional ways. The set, the color, refers to some environment that ‘unsual’ for the landscape in Indonesia.

But, if we observe a little deeper. The name, is Apkain Cartenz, come from term ‘Ap Kain’ which is the local personal title in specific place in east Indonesia. The term ‘Ap Kain’ means ‘the leader’. Besides, ‘Cartenz’ is a name of a tip from a great mountain in Indonesia, which places in same local of the previous term, ‘Ap Kain’.

Leader of Mountain is a simple ways to describe this Jaeger.



I want to build the rage in soldier style. And when the term ‘rage’ come to my mind, I relate it to the most-known raging of certain people in my country. Never see this in the wrong way. Raging is good, raging is awesome. Especially in order to brawling around with Kaiju to defends our ground. I also put the local term: ‘Dale’, which similiar to the concept of the term ‘offspring’.

Actually, this is the last Jaeger’s concept that I create in my free time. I completely forget about the military aspect in this case. Which ironicaly, I forget to put the concept of military in the creation of ‘weapon’. So here it is, the biggest, mashing green metal giant from Indonesia known as Dale Toba, which also refers to a big lake in west teritory in Indonesia.



The last, also my favorite is called Arka Nusantara. I choose the color of deep ocean-dark aqua blue. You see, if you take a look at Indonesia geographical map, you will see the entire contry is surrounded by stream of sea. Archipelago Nation. Which bring me to the term ‘Arc’ that make me stay with the name:  ‘Arka”.

So I decide. This is the youngest version of Jaeger that born in Indonesia.  With big upper body, sword and mighty fist , covered in cool colors of oceans and sun.


You are welcome.


All the graphical concept comes from the original movie: Pacific Rim, produced by Guillermo del Toro. Every parts of Jaeger is assembled from existing part from Jaeger that appears in the movie.